Faye Wong meets up with her younger daughter

The Chinese singer was chased off by security guards at her daughter’s school as she behaved suspiciously

Faye Wong meets up with her younger daughter

Chinese singing diva Faye Wong had recently spent an afternoon catching up with her younger daughter Li Yan who has been with her former husband, Chinese actor Li Yapeng, as he was granted full custody after their divorce in 2013.

The 45-year-old, dressed in casual wear, was chauffeured to her daughter’s school, a prestigious private academy located on the outskirts of Beijing.

Though her assistant had accompanied her on the visit, Faye alighted alone, sneakily climbed onto the school fence to peer into the campus and even waved her hands from time to time. Her series of ‘suspicious’ behaviour had alerted the school’s campus security, who eventually asked her to leave.

However, Li Yan dashed out from school shortly after Faye was asked to leave. When the mother-and-daughter met each other, Faye reportedly cheered excitedly, “Playing truant, success!” showing a stark contrast to her cool and nonchalant image on screen.

Shortly after, the two had enjoyed a short meet-up at a café next to Yapeng’s house and the Chinese actor’s mother also tagged along. At the end of the get together, though Faye could not hide her unwillingness to part with her daughter, she left alone after giving Li Yan a flying kiss.

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