Faye Wong & Nicholas Tse hold hands publicly for first time in 14 years

The power couple were recently spotted together in Hong Kong

Power couple Faye Wong and Nicholas Tse were recently spotted holding hands for the first time in 14 years.

The 45-year-old diva was reported to have rushed back to Hong Kong to spend time with her beau and was seen spending four hours at his house before she spent the night at good friend Vicki Zhao’s place.

The next day, the pair met again at manager Chen Jia Ying’s place. Faye’s daughter, Leah Dou, was also present. Nicholas and Faye both wore sunglasses and were said to have looked around for reporters before he initiated holding hands and stepping into Manager Chen’s home. This is the first time the two have held hands in public in over a decade.

The four then went out together but went their separate ways – Nicholas first headed home, whereas Faye, Leah and Manager Chen went to the Mandarin Oriental hotel for a meal.

When asked if she will be spending Christmas with Nicholas in Hong Kong, Faye smiled while declining to answer. She then brought her daughter with her to a hair salon, where the two are said to have spent time dolling up for bosom buddy Carina Lau’s birthday party.

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