Felix Wong urges daughter to get married

The veteran actor believes that a “happy event” would improve his cancer-stricken wife’s condition

Felix Wong urges daughter to get married

Veteran Hong Kong actor Felix Wong has reportedly been urging his daughter, actress-model Adrian Wong to get married to improve the luck of his family.

His wife, former actress Leung Kit-Wah, was diagnosed with leukemia late last year and her condition is currently under control with chemotherapy treatment. A devout believer in fengshui, Felix reckons that a “happy event” would be helpful to her health.

Adrian, who is signed under the same company (HKTV) as her father, has yet to participate in any major project after two years in the industry. The 24-year-old was recently spotted on a date with her boyfriend of three years, Bryan. The couple shopped for three hours before meeting their parents for dinner, where discussion of their wedding allegedly took place.

Sources also revealed that the couple is in a stable relationship, and that Bryan is so well-liked by Felix and Kit-Wah that they treat him like their “son-in-law”.

When asked if wedding bells are ringing soon for her daughter, Felix suppressed a smile and said: “Let her make her own decision!”

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