Francis Ng’s son yet to recover from eye injury

Francis Ng’s son yet to recover from eye injury

吴镇宇儿撞伤眼角未痊愈 检查2次视力仍模糊2

Hong Kong actor Francis Ng’s son, Feynman, injured the corner of his eye when he fell down during the filming of Chinese programme Dad, Where Are You Going 2 in New Zealand last month. The five-year-old was rushed to the hospital where he received five stitches to close the wound.

At an event on Monday, Francis told reporters that though the physical wound on Feynman’s face has gradually healed, the boy is hesitant to “strain his eyes” out of fear.

“There might still be bruises inside his eye. After two rounds of examination, his vision is still blur!” the actor explained.

吴镇宇儿撞伤眼角未痊愈 检查2次视力仍模糊1

Francis also shared that his wife is very worried about their son, which could lead to their withdrawal from the movie version of Dad, Where Are You Going 2.

“We’re still in discussion with the production team. The child’s health is our priority. Whether or not we carry on with the filming, depends on the condition of his vision,” said the doting dad. 

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