Friends, family remember Shone An on 100th day death anniversary

“I try to comfort myself by saying you’ve gone to mainland China for filming,” pop star’s sister writes on Facebook

Shone An

Shone An’s family held rites for him yesterday at a Buddhist temple in Tainan city to mark 100 days since his passing on June 1, Taiwan media reports. The Taiwanese pop star died of liver cancer, aged 31.

His assistant, Queenie, was present at the ceremony, and posted an emotional message on Facebook: “Saying goodbye after 100 days. Thank you, Shone. People say you should let go after 100 days, though I suppose I can’t. But that’s OK, because I don’t wish to let go anyway. I’ll always have a place for you in my heart.” Queenie also shared a photo of the paper lotus flowers friends and family had folded for Shone.

Shone’s parents couldn’t attend the ceremony due to their observance of folk customs, but his sister shared on Facebook: “I still can’t accept that you’re gone. I try to comfort myself by saying you’ve gone to mainland China for filming.”

Good friends of Shone’s and fellow artistes Ady An, Hsia Yu-chiao, Bianca Bai and Esther Liu couldn’t attend the ceremony because they were either overseas or working. But a handful of close friends still braved the dengue fever in southern Taiwan to be present and chant Buddhist mantras for him.

The pop singer was once part of short-lived Taiwanese boyband Comic Boyz. Shone is the second band member to have passed away, after Arroy Shen died in October 2012 from acute kidney failure.

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