G.E.M once considered leaving the music industry

The 23-year-old singer admitted that she almost could not withstand the pressure from unending rumours of her diva attitude

G.E.M once considered leaving the music industry

Hong Kong singing powerhouse G.E.M Tang recently admitted to having thought of ending her career as a singer as she was tired of being plagued with negative rumours of her attitude.

The 23-year-old, who shot to fame after participating in Chinese singing programme I Am a Singer 2, was said to have thrown tantrums and acted disrespectfully towards her seniors in the entertainment industry. Last year, G.E.M was embroiled in a controversy with veteran Macau-born songstress Jenny Tseng as the latter criticised G.E.M for not greeting her when they met at the backstage of a performance.

Earlier this month, G.E.M reportedly ignored Dee Hsu in the makeup room and caused a difficult situation for producers of Taiwanese talk show Here Comes KangXi as she insisted on promoting her new song. She was later rumoured to be axed from I Am a Singer 3 as she refused to change her song choice.

At an event last week, the 23-year-old emphasised that she is ‘innocent’ and said with grief, “This is the road that every celebrity has to go through to mature. It really touches my heart and makes me happy to know that I have my family and celebrity friends to relieve my stress.”

When asked if she has considered ending her singing career amidst criticisms, G.E.M replied frankly, “I really had the rash idea of exiting the industry in the past, but when I calmed down and thought through, I felt that I needed to persevere and hold on to this career I adore. This is the most important thing in my life and I should not give it up because I met with some setbacks.”

At the same time, G.E.M shared her views on relationships for she has been caught up in numerous rumours after her split from Taiwanese singer Yoga Lin in March last year. She revealed at the event, “I still desire for love and relationships, but I wish that my next relationship would begin on the terms of marriage, as I wish to walk to the ends of the Earth with my next partner.”

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