Gary Chaw texted Francis Ng: We’ve moved on

Francis Ng talked about the Gary Cao incident and says that it’s a case closed

Gary Cao texted Francis Ng: We’ve moved on

Hong Kong actor-director Francis Ng, is letting bygones be bygones. At a fan meet in Guangzhou, Francis, 53, said that he is puzzled as to why so many netizens are still being dramatic about the feud between himself and singer Gary Chaw.

Francis explained, “I don’t understand why people are so happy when situations are unresolved. A lot of people on the Internet are just looking for ways to vent their emotions.” To Francis, the case has already closed, but he is still unhappy about the responses that he has received online.

He continued, “Internet violence and cyberbullying are issues that we need to keep in mind. In situations like this, do you have to put all your negative thoughts about it online?”

Francis also mentioned that he received a WeChat message from singer Gary Chaw, who stars on the same parenting show as Francis, and was angry that netizens speculated that his son caused Feynman’s injury. Francis admitted that he didn’t know how to reply to Gary’s text, which read: “I’m sure we all know it our hearts that we’ve moved on.”

Although Francis hasn’t replied the message to this point, “I don’t understand why you all need to pick on people and let another small kid be hurt again.”

Finally, he ended with one sentence: “Grown adults have enough maturity to avoid contributing to the negativity on the Internet.” As a result, netizens praised him for being “an intelligent man” who knows what he’s doing.

Feynman sustained a near-eye injury from falling down on the set of the second season of Hunan TV’s famous parenting reality show, Dad, Where Are You Going?, in New Zealand last September, but Francis and Hunan TV have since  reached a settlement . At the time, Francis was so angry that he threw down his microphone and walked out of an interview.

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