Gigi Leung balloons after pregnancy

The Hong Kong singer gained as much as 20 pounds (approximately 9kg) since she got pregnant five months ago

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After trying for a baby since they got married in 2011, Hong Kong singer Gigi Leung and Spanish husband Sergio announced in September that she was expecting for three and a half months.

Recently, the mother-to-be was spotted on a date recently with Sergio in Central, Hong Kong in a candy shop. In her second trimester of her pregnancy (she is believes to be five months pregnant now), Gigi looked like she was pregnant for seven months judging from the size of her tummy. The actress-singer was also wearing a loose-fitting top and her cup size is said to have increased from an A to D.

Insiders revealed that Gigi’s cravings have changed and she fell in love with chocolate milk, something she detested before pregnancy. Her appetite also increased and she consumes two bowls of noodles for lunch daily.

It is understood that the 38-year-old gained as much as 20 pounds (approximately 9kg) from the food and the tonics that her mother feeds her with. Gigi’s gynaecologist had previously cautioned her not to put on more than three pounds (approximately 1.4kg) every month to prevent illnesses like diabetes and high blood pressure.

Ignoring the instructions, Gigi bought 10 packs of candies from the shop even when her caring husband, who shielded her tummy from the crowd, advised her against it.

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