Gigi Leung flaunts baby bump in new photos

The Hong Kong singer-actress, who is into her eighth month of pregnancy, celebrated Lunar New Year at home this year

Hong Kong singer and actress Gigi Leung recently revealed her baby bump when she shared photos of her celebrating Lunar New Year at home.

The 38-year-old, who wedded her Spanish husband Sergio in 2012, announced her pregnancy last September and seldom leaves home these days. According to Hong Kong media reports, Gigi stayed at home during the festive period as she is into her eighth month of pregnancy and is due to deliver her baby next month.

While Gigi anticipated that she would not feel the festive vibes due to her absence at big gatherings this year, she was delighted when close celebrity buddies like Angelica Lee and her colleagues took turns to visit her daily during the festive break.

Yesterday afternoon, Gigi uploaded a series of photos taken during their visitations, in which her 8-month bulging belly had caught netizens’ attention and caused some to comment in shock, “(Your) little princess is so big now!”

Malaysian singer-actress Angelica Lee was also seen to have placed her hands gently on Gigi’s baby bump in a photo.

Gigi, who was deeply touched by their gesture, attached a caption to her post that read, “What a rare occasion for all of us to be together just so I can soak up the festive vibes. Thank you for giving me an unexpectedly vibrant Lunar New Year!”

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