Gillian Chung received apology letter from Edison Chen

Gillian Chung revealed that she had encountered Edison Chen on a plane coincidentally 

Gillian Chung received apology letter from Edison Chen

Hong Kong singer-actress Gillian Chung (formerly Gillian) faced an all-time low in 2008 when she was involved in a pornography scandal with Hong Kong Canadian multi hyphenate Edison Chen. In a recent interview, she revealed to the media that Edison had written a very long apology letter to her.

Yesterday, when questioned about the scandal and whether or not she has approached Edison, she admitted that they had met coincidentally on a plane, but she did not do what her fellow singer-actress Cecilia Cheung did, which was to take a photo together.

She also revealed that the two originally had to sit right in front of and behind each other, but once they realised that, they immediately changed seating positions as they did not know how to face each other. That was when Edison decided to write the letter of apology on the plane.

When asked to share the contents of the letter, Gillian merely stated, “Better late than never. Either way, it was comforting to me.”

It is reported that the pornography incident had nearly ended her entire showbiz career and even though her Cantopop group partner Charlene Choi’s career has been nothing but smooth, Gillian expressed that she is not jealous of her and that they will be continuing to make new music and perform together as Twins for the New Year’s concert held at the Hong Kong Coliseum next year.

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