Hannah Quinlivan expected to become more domesticated

Mrs. Chou will allegedly reduce her work load to become a dutiful wife and daughter in-law

Hannah Quinlivan expected to become “ideal wife”
After experiencing a fairytale wedding on Jan 17, Hannah Quinlivan is expected to become a dutiful wife to Jay Chou when the couple returns to Taiwan.

To protect his son’s privacy, Jay Chou’s beloved mother, Ye Hui Mei has never hired a domestic helper and has always been dedicated in completing all the chores on her own. With her new role as Mrs. Chou, Hannah is likely to take over the duties at home.

Sources revealed that the newlyweds will continue staying with Jay’s mother after getting married. In order to take care of her husband in all aspects, Hannah will also allegedly cut down on her showbiz work load.

In related news, the total cost of the luxurious wedding reportedly amounted to NT$23 million (approximately S$970,000), including the wedding gown and jewellery accessories which are reportedly worth NT$3 million (S$130,000) and NT$60 million (S$2.5 million) respectively.

On top of footing the bill for the wedding, the air tickets and accommodation of the guests were also said to be fully borne by Jay.

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