Hannah Quinlivan: I was really touched by Jay’s proposal

The model-actress was the centre of attention at a press event for Taiwanese drama Heart of Steel

Hannah Quinlivan, also known as the girl who captured Jay Chou’s heart, was the centre of attention at a press event for upcoming Taiwanese drama Heart of Steel. The model-actress plays one of the supporting roles but was bombarded with questions on her beau, marriage and more.

Heart of Steel, which is slated to premiere on January 4, will also be Hannah’s last project before she ties the knot with her superstar fiancée. The idol drama also stars Kenji Wu, Phoebe Yuan and Alan Kuo.

She shared, “I cried when we were wrapping up filming (because) I really couldn’t bear to part ways (with everyone); I really hoped that we could continue filming.”

The 21-year-old responded to Jay’s declaration of “wanting to have five kids and start a band”, shyly expressing that she would be more than happy to “if I can give birth to that many”, adding that they “will let nature take its course”.

Speaking of receiving Jay’s romantic proposal in England, she admitted, “I think most girls would have been touched; I was surprised by the fireworks and I was really touched by the environment and atmosphere created.”

Hannah, who looked noticeably slimmer during the press event, refuted speculations that her weight loss was to fit into her wedding gown and maintained that it is “for work-related reasons”.

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