Hannah Quinlivan’s grandfather is delighted to meet Jay Chou

Hannah Quinlivan’s grandfather finally met the Mandopop superstar in person 

Following the lavish weddings in England and Taipei, Jay Chou and Hannah Quinlivan had their third celebration in the latter’s hometown Australia on Monday. The outdoor luncheon, which hosted 50 guests from Hannah’s extended family, reportedly cost NT$5 million (approximately S$210,000).

Sources revealed that Hannah’s family is based in Brisbane and that the actress’ grandfather is a university professor who holds Jay in high regard because of his talents. Hannah’s grandfather was delighted to finally meet the multi-hyphenate in person at the wedding.

For the third stop of their “wedding marathon” across three continents, the couple, who was spotted shopping in Gold Coast before the event, was dressed in matching blue suit and dress.

During the wedding, Jay’s good friends put up a dance performance that was specially choreographed for the boisterous affair. Witnesses also claimed that Jay even hired a helicopter and yacht, and that fireworks were set off at the beach as part of the programme.

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