Hannah Quinlivan shares secrets to weight loss

Svelte 46-kg model-actress credits breastfeeding with helping her shed pounds

Hannah Quinlivan

Taiwanese-Australian model and actress Hannah Quinlivan has finally revealed the secrets to her amazing post-partum weight loss. Now at 46 kg, she attributed it to breastfeeding and a loss of appetite due “Baby Chou” pressing against her stomach.

After giving birth to Mandopop singer Jay Chou’s princess in July by C-section, Hannah endured late nights and sleeplessness to take care of the newborn. On her website, she also shared her experiences breastfeeding, and wrote about discovering how beneficial it was for losing weight.

The actress talked about wanting to take advantage of being pregnant to gorge on meat, but found that having a foetus press against her stomach suppressed her appetite, so she ended up not gaining as much weight.

She wrote: “I think you should just enjoy the experience and be happy during pregnancy, and not intentionally control your weight. Being an expectant mother is all about producing a happy, healthy baby and not about how good you look.”

And while in her one-month post-delivery confinement period, to speed up recovery, Hannah forced herself to down foods she hadn’t dared to try, such as pig kidneys.

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