Has Myolie Wu moved in with her new man?

The two are said to be giving cohabitation a try before taking their relationship a step further

Hong Kong actress Myolie Wu is reported to have moved in with her new beau, Philip Lee. She admitted to her relationship after the pair were seen kissing on the streets of Taipei last month.

While Myolie has yet to provide more details on her relationship, she previously admitted that her heart still skips a beat whenever she sees her beau. While the two are only months into their relationship, their honeymoon period seems to be far from over as the two are said to be cohabitating to give living together a try before getting married.

The lovebirds were spotted grocery shopping ahead of Valentine’s Day, during which the two are believed to intend to whip up a romantic dinner at home. The two were inseparable during their shopping and even kissed in the parking lot after their errands were completed.

Myolie is believed to have waited for love after her highly publicised breakup with fellow actor Bosco Wong in 2012 and finally managed to find her Mr. Right late last year. With this new development, Myolie, who has always wished to love freely and publicly, seems to have finally gotten her wish.

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