Hebe Tien met with her rumoured partner

The Taiwanese singer was seen interacting intimately with her rumoured partner during their recent meet-up

Hebe Tien met with her rumoured partner
Taiwanese pop singer Hebe Tien was recently seen by reporters on a meet-up with her rumoured partner, Taiwanese female concert producer Ah Peng.

Last Thursday, the 31-year-old, who is also a member of Taiwanese female vocal group S.H.E., left an ambiguous hint on her Facebook about revealing a secret online.

Being the last remaining singleton in S.H.E., netizens speculated that Hebe was planning to announce that she is attached. Instead, the secret that Hebe exposed was that she had taken photos from a specific angle to make her legs longer by 10 centimetres.

However, Taiwanese media recently revealed that Hebe had met up with her alleged romantic partner Ah Peng earlier this month, placing her sexual orientation under the spotlight again.

Hebe Tien met with her rumoured partner
On Feb 2, the bare-faced singer had met up with Ah Peng in the late afternoon, exchanging words and interacting intimately over coffee for less than an hour.

Ah Peng was said to have chosen a seat in the corner of the café and the two had left one after another when they ended their meet-up, seemingly not wanting to arouse suspicion from the public.

While Hebe has had several dating rumours with famous singers like JJ Lin and Jay Chou, she was also speculated to be in a relationship with several androgynous female friends like Ah Peng, A-Mei’s manager Zhong Ruo-han and her personal assistant Liao Hui Cheng.

In 2005, paparazzi had captured photos of Hebe interacting intimately with Ah Peng. The two were said to be dating as they visited a flower market together and Ah Peng had placed her arms around Hebe’s hips.
However, they had reportedly ‘broken up’ the next year and Hebe was lately rumoured to be dating A-Mei’s manager.

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