Huang Xiaoming and Angelababy visit needy families

The couple did charity work during Chinese New Year 

Chinese actor Huang Xiaoming was recently appointed as the ambassador of a charity campaign for the elderly who live alone in the Shandong province. The heartthrob also does volunteer work for 48 needy families in the area.

On the second day of Chinese New Year, Xiaoming and his girlfriend Angelababy headed to two households in Qingdao to spend time with the old folks.

The couple first visited an 87-year-old woman who has to take care of her bedridden daughter on her own. During the visit, Angelababy is said to have won the likes of the granny who instructed Xiaoming to perform all the chores. After chatting with the granny, Angelababy sweetly helped Xiaoming with the making of dumplings.

At their second destination, the couple wrote New Year greetings and signed autographs for a 76-year-old granny who is a big fan of Xiaoming. The actor also put on a bracelet that enables location tracking for the granny.

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