Huang Xiaoming professes his love for Angelababy on TV

The actor’s sweet gesture moved Angelababy to tears 

Hong Kong-based actress Angelababy, who rarely sang in public, presented a medley of English songs at Dragon TV’s countdown show on New Year’s Eve. After Angelababy’s performance, her boyfriend, Chinese actor Huang Xiaoming appeared on stage in a prince charming manner by riding a horse.

Placing a crown on Angelababy’s head, Xiaoming gently said: “Don’t be afraid. I’m here.”
While the couple openly displayed their affections, the show host took the opportunity to request for Xiaoming to kiss his lover on her forehead. Although Angelababy shyly said no to the sweet gesture, she accepted it with a smile when the actor went ahead with it.

Xiaoming then followed up with a love declaration. “She is someone whom I want to protect for life. She has suffered from many rumours and accusations, and I am willing to be her shield, her punching bag and her hand warmer,” he professed.

In addition, the 37-year-old also promised to “be there for his girlfriend whenever she needs him”. His heartfelt speech not only moved Angelababy to tears, but also won loud applause from the audience.

During the show, the lovebirds became witnesses to 20 couples who said their vows on stage. Teased by the host to “practise for their wedding”, Angelababy happily begged everyone not to rush them into marriage anymore. “We’ll talk about this in private,” Xiaoming added, laughing.

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