Injury-ridden Kevin Cheng takes a break from filming

The Hong Kong actor is reportedly suffering from several injuries on his body

Hong Kong actor Kevin Cheng’s health is said to have deteriorated, after working tirelessly for the past few years. According to media reports, the 45-year-old is currently taking a break from filming and will resume work at the end of the year.

Following the success of Chinese drama Scarlet Heart in 2011, Kevin has been actively expanding his career in China. Landing the role of young Ip Man in Ip Man: The Final Fight for a hefty RMB 500,000 (approximately S$100,000) last year, Kevin reportedly sustained an injury on his right eye, which nearly cost his eyesight, during filming.

“He thought that his eye injury was not serious when the swelling stopped. But his eyeball hurt for the entire day and his vision started blurring,” an insider said. “It was only until he visited a doctor that he learned of the damages to his orbital bone and cornea.”
Although Kevin’s injury is not obvious on the surface, the actor is “dejected” by his condition.

As Kevin did not come from martial arts background, he had to pick up the moves in a short period of time. Consequently, the actor also suffered a ligament tear on his right leg and injuries to his spinal cord and waist area, on top of his pre-existing ailments such as congenital diabetes and high blood pressure.

However, Kevin did not receive treatment for his health problems and continued taking on new projects and commercials. Sources revealed that the actor’s body finally gave way when he finished filming period drama City of Devastating Love last year.

After returning to Hong Kong, Kevin has been going for electrotherapy sessions regularly. The actor, who declined to be interviewed when contacted by reporters, has also allegedly turned down two job offers in order to recuperate. 

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