Irene Wan admits to "micro plastic surgery"

The Hong Kong actress undergone seven treatments with more than 100 injections to her face

Irene Wan admits to

Hong Kong actress Irene Wan admitted to undergoing “micro plastic surgery” as age has took a toll on her appearance. The 48-year-old who was formerly known as a beauty queen relied on yoga and workouts to maintain her good looks when she was younger.

Irene shared, “Actually, everyone is pursuing beauty. Injections are common nowadays and they are mainly to retain moisture and increase collagen growth. I don’t mind as long as the condition of my skin can improve.”

She feels it is “too exaggerated to call it ‘going under the knife’, it should be called ‘micro plastic surgery’ where one’s skin becomes firmer through advanced technology.” But she added that the most effective method to stay young is through drinking soup and exercising.

Irene had previously mentioned in 2011 that she was afraid of needles but this time she felt the need for the treatment and realised how easy the injections were after the treatments.

The actress, who is slated to film a movie soon, shot to fame when she went nude at a tender age of 17 but has since faded out of showbiz after marriage. As to whether her businessman husband praised her beauty, she responded sweetly, “He says I look gorgeous even without the injections.”

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