Is Bernice Liu holding a grudge against Moses Chan?

The actress is said to have moved next door to her ex-beau

廖碧儿搬与陈豪为邻 疑似向旧爱示威 1.jpg

Hong Kong actress Aimee Chan recently announced that she is in the first trimester of her pregnancy. She and husband Moses Chan had their first child, Aiden Joshua, last December. After the announcement of the good news, Moses’s ex-flame Bernice Liu is said to have moved next door to the family due to a grudge she has held since the two broke up.

Bernice was spotted last Thursday (Oct 9) jogging around The Beverly Hills, a glitzy gated community in Tai Po, Hong Kong, where Moses and Aimee reside. The media questioned her familiarity with the neighbourhood, to which she expressed, “My relatives stay here (and) I was preparing to go to Luk Keng for some climbing.”

A source close to her claimed otherwise, asserting that she has held a grudge against Moses ever since their breakup in 2010. “Problems arose in their relationship at the time (such as) Bernice being spotted on a date with Alistair Lam. She didn’t think it that seriously but Moses unilaterally announced the breakup and left her with no choice.”

Bernice’s popularity and career suffered greatly after their highly-publicised breakup but she is making her way back up in recent days.

Moses, who attended a charity run after the news broke, commented, “It’s not convenient to talk about it. We’re a happy family now and what’s past is past. (I) hope everyone lives well and that we live well too.”

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