Is Christine Fan facing hair loss problems?

Netizens noticed the mother-to-be has been losing hair from the photos shared on social media platforms

Taiwanese singer Christine Fan announced her pregnancy this August and nicknamed her unborn twins “Big and Small Panda”. It was previously reported that the mother-to-be suffered from severe nausea and bleeding during early stages of pregnancy.

This time, she is reportedly facing hair loss problems when netizens noticed her dwindling amount of hair from photos shared on her social media platforms. Christine was also perpetually wearing a cap, as if to cover up her receding hairline.

The 38-year-old was said to have started losing hair in her fourth month of pregnancy and her friends revealed she is troubled by the issue as well.

Responding to this, her celebrity husband Blackie Chen assured everyone that both his wife and their twins are healthy. Although the couple have consulted the doctor about Christine’s hair loss, they were told it was purely due to hormonal changes.

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