Is Fahrenheit’s Jiro Wang angry with Aaron Yan?

Jiro Wang uploaded a photo with the word “anger” over his face after Aaron Yan said they are “no longer friends”

Is Fahrenheit’s Jiro Wang angry with Aaron Yan?

Taiwanese singer Aaron Yan recently revealed in an interview that he is “no longer friends” with former Fahrenheit members Jiro Wang and Calvin Chen, and only kept in touch with Wu Chun.

Following that, Jiro uploaded a topless photo of himself on Instagram with the word “anger” over his face with the caption: “My current mood! Anger!”

Although the actor-singer did not state the reason, netizens suspect he was responding to Aaron’s statement. Fans left encouraging comments for him to stay strong for his dreams.

Aaron’s revelation sparked heated arguments among Fahrenheit fans as they felt he was trying to draw the line between himself and the other three members.

He clarified on Facebook last Saturday (Sept 20): “Will you continue banging on a wall after getting hurt from knocking on it for years? All emotional ties, including family, romance, friendship or even relationships with your pets, need to be managed and maintained. If you are the only one taking initiative, it would be like banging on a wall.”

The heated exchanges continued and Aaron further posted: “Who wants to grow up without being able to say the truth? It is because one can finally speak the truth and bear the consequences that one has finally grown.”

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