Is Ivy Chen caught in a relationship triangle?

The actress’s boyfriend Tom is said to also be involved with another female

Is Ivy Chen caught in a relationship triangle?

Taiwanese actress Ivy Chen might be caught up in a relationship triangle after breaking things off with Energy’s Kun Da.

The 31-year-old is said to have met Tom, her current boyfriend, while working on the movie Love in 2010. The two were said to have built up a strong friendship and Ivy often argued with then-boyfriend Kun Da as a result.

The two ultimately ended their relationship and Tom is said to have actively pursued Ivy after that. The two were photographed hugging on a beach in October, which then revealed their relationship to the public.


Ivy has recently been traveling due to work and hairstylist Tom is said to have been bringing another female home with him to spend the night. The lady was later revealed to be Eva, who has been in a relationship with Tom for the past five years.

A self-proclaimed good friend of the two has revealed that Ivy has devoted herself to the relationship and has chosen to turn a blind eye to Tom and Eva’s relationship. The source also claimed that Tom is in love with both women and cannot let either go, resulting in this three-sided relationship.

Ivy’s manager has declined to comment on the rumours whereas Tom’s colleagues have maintained that he is “overseas and cannot respond”.

Eva, however, strongly declared that she and Tom are only good friends and denied that the two have spent the night together at any point of time. She reiterated that “true good friends” would not reveal information that would bring about such negativity. 

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