Is Jay Fung G.E.M Tang’s new man?

The two are suspected to be dating despite a “just friends” statement from Jay

G.E.M Tang previously stirred controversy by calling out Yoga Lin as undependable a year after their nasty breakup, declaring that she hopes for her next boyfriend to be someone mature and she can count on.

Yoga and his current girlfriend, Taiwanese singer Kiki Ting, are believed to have retaliated to her harsh words. Yoga is said to have sworn to repay G.E.M with double the vengeance and Kiki uploaded a cryptic post saying that stomachaches would result from eating rice that was left out in the cold for a year. The latter post was widely speculated to be a veiled message for G.E.M.

In response, the 23-year-old uploaded photos of herself with friends having fun at The AIA Great European Carnival, which is currently being held at Hong Kong’s Central Harbourfront Event Space. She was seen smiling widely in the photos, with singer Jay Fung sporting matching face masks with her and sticking close to her for most of the evening.

One of Jay’s good friends revealed that he was originally to meet Jay for barbeque that night but the latter pulled out at the last minute, saying that he had a more pressing engagement to attend to. He added that Jay already went to the carnival two weeks ago and his most recent visit was purely to accompany G.E.M.

Jay attended Samantha Lam’s concert as a guest, giving an opportunity for reporters to question his relationship with G.E.M. He declared them as just friends, emphasising that he is currently focusing on expanding his career. The 26-year-old did, however, praise G.E.M for being a good person who sings and dances well.

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