Is Show Lo avoiding dating rumours?

The entertainer seemed to have kept his distance from new label-mate Amber An, who was once his rumoured partner

Is Show Luo avoiding dating rumours?

Show Lo seems to be pulling all the stops to avoid having dating rumours between him and new label-mate Amber An from resurfacing.

In light of the festive season, three companies, Universes Entertainment Marketing Limited, Fortune Entertainment and YoungHope came together to host a big dinner bash. Rainie Yang and Show are managed by Universes whereas Elva Hsiao is under the wings of Fortune.

Over 50 parties, including staff, friends, family and celebrities attended the event, with Rainie, Show and Amber also in attendance. Elva was not present due to a bad bout of gastritis.

Show was arguably the show-stealer for the night as he made merry on all three levels of the restaurant, receiving hearty toasts from many of the attendees. He was said to have kept his distance from Amber, seemingly to avoid dating rumours from resurfacing once again.

Is Show Luo avoiding dating rumours?

The two were rumoured to be together as far back as 2010 and Show has since been linked to numerous other names, including Tia Li and Ruby Lin.

As a new addition to the family, Amber is said to have been shy among the rest of the close-knit colleagues. She quickly headed to her table, where she continuously indulged in red wine until she had to be helped out of the location by male friends.

She was then seen hugging her male friends and even went to the extent of leaning onto them for support. She reportedly headed to another bar to drink after the rest of her colleagues left the venue.

A source which was part of the festivities maintained that Show was not avoiding Amber and that the two had exchanged words. The source maintained that there was no trace of awkwardness between the two and that they were friends.

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