Is Sonija Kwok expecting her second child?

The TVB actress was spotted outside a gynaecology clinic last Thursday

Sonija Kwok

Hong Kong actress Sonija Kwok was spotted outside a gynaecology clinic with her mother last Thursday. However, it seemed that Sonija did not make an appointment as she was unaware that the clinic was closed that day. After making a phone call for confirmation, the 40-year-old left for lunch, but appeared to have poor appetite.

Afterwards, Sonija and her mum met up with two property agents to view a luxurious apartment on Prince Edward Road. Half an hour later, the company of four moved on to check out another unit which is valued at an even higher price.

Despite donning on black baggy pants, the actress, who appeared to have put on weight, was seen with a small baby bump, sparking rumours that she is in the early stages of pregnancy.

Earlier this year, Sonija told reporters that she would be trying for a second baby with her husband, Chinese martial arts choreographer Zhu Shaojie when filming wrapped for her new drama Under the Veil. The couple tied the knot in 2011 and gave birth to their daughter Kylie in the following year.

Sonija Kwok

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