Is Vivian Chow and Joe Nieh’s marriage falling apart?

The couple allegedly sleeps in different rooms these days 

周慧敏被爆23年情转淡 传与倪震分房睡

Known for his philandering ways, Vivian Chow’s husband Joe Nieh has been heavily watched by the media. As a result, Joe has reportedly channeled his energy to stock investments and reading, which caused him to become reclusive, even refusing to share the same bed as his wife.

While speaking to reporters, Joe insisted that his relationship with Vivian is as rosy as ever. When asked if the couple sleeps in the same room, the 50-year-old insinuated that “there are many rooms in the house”, indirectly admitting to the allegations.

Meanwhile, Vivian has been spotted attending concerts and having high tea sessions with her friends, following her showbiz comeback. However, the actress was seldom seen with her husband, further fuelling rumours that their decades-long relationship is dwindling.

In 2008, Joe was photographed kissing a college student named Miffty Cheung in a club. Joe and Vivian, who had been dating for 19 years at the time, announced their split after the scandal broke. To everyone’s surprise, the two got back together within a week and declared that they were going to register their marriage. The couple eventually tied the knot in the subsequent year. 

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