Jackie Chan and Zhang Guoli arrived six hours late for event

The two fathers, whose sons were arrested for consuming drugs, arrived terribly late for an event


Hong Kong superstar Jackie Chan and Chinese actor Zhang Guoli were recently invited to participate in a Chinese variety show scheduled to air next year. But they were late for six hours for a promotional activity last Saturday (Nov 1).

It was believed that the two took Jackie’s private plane to Hangzhou but was caught up by traffic regulations.

Both Jackie and Guoli’s sons, Jaycee Chan and Zhang Mo respectively, were arrested this year in a separate case of drug consumption in August.

The veteran actors, who apologised profusely when they arrived, kept a distance from each other and made a hasty exit after the event without doing any interviews with members of the media.

Although they declined to speak about their sons, Jackie revealed at the event that he had his share of delinquency when he was young.

“I also made lousy friends but members of the media taught me a lot and gave me a second chance to take the right path again,” the 60-year-old said, adding that he is currently working on his autobiography.

It is believed that both Jaycee and Zhang Mo have been detained in China for more than two months but have yet to be sentenced due to various ongoing major political events.

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