Jackie Chan explains Elaine Ng affair in new book

In Jackie Chan’s new autobiography, he reveals about the affair with Elaine Ng and writes that he once wanted a divorce

Jackie Chan explains Elaine Ng affair in new book
Set to commemorate his 54th year in showbiz this April, the 60-year-old actor will be releasing his a new book titled Jackie Chan: Never Grow Up, Only Get Older this year. In the book, he looks back on six decades of life, talks about his Taiwanese actress wife Joan Lin and his son Jaycee Chan and reveals he once wanted a divorce.

From preparation to publication, the autobiography, co-written with Chinese actress Zhu Mo, took three years. Jackie made a small dedication to Zhu Mo on Weibo, “I was brought up with a background in martial arts and didn’t think I’d be able to write a book. I would like to thank Zhu Mo for all she’s done.”

In the Weibo post, Jackie added, “This book contains my emotions over the past few years. I was often misunderstood and there are some things that happened in the past that I would rather explain myself. I’m done with letting someone else say things about me. I hope that through this book, people will see the real me.”

Jackie Chan explains Elaine Ng affair in new book

In his book, Jackie mentioned his affair with Hong Kong beauty queen Elaine Ng from 15 years ago, giving us an inside look of his guilty phase as he thought of his wife Joan. “I wanted to call her, but I didn’t know what to say. I couldn’t think of an explanation. My mistake wasn’t something I could simply apologise for because there was no way to compensate for what I had done,” wrote Jackie.

He even considered divorce: “Later on, I concluded that there’s no need to explain. Just divorce and it’ll be alright. I made such a big mistake; divorce seemed to be the only way out.”

Regarding last year’s drug offence imprisonment, Jaycee commented, “I have made mistakes when I was younger. I would make the mistake and change for the better. In the end, I will become a real man, strong and independent, who will face everything he’s supposed to face.”

An avid art collector who once gifted Singapore with six historic buildings in 2013, Jackie also mentioned in his book that Jaycee didn’t want to inherit his art collection except for a painting by Xu Beihong. “Since he wanted it, I just gave it to him,” he wrote.

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