Jackie Chan: I’ve never used my connections to save Jaycee

The superstar stressed that public figures have even more responsibility to live by the law

Jackie Chan: I’ve never used my connections to save Jaycee
It’s been a rough time for superstar Jackie Chan and his wife, Lin Feng-jiao, after their only son Jaycee Chan was arrested in August for marijuana abuse. Since then, the 32-year-old has been formally charged by Chinese courts and is said to possibly spend his Lunar New Year behind bars.

The multi-hyphenate opened up about his son’s scandal, revealing that neither him nor his wife has met Jaycee since his arrest and have only communicated with their son through their lawyer. Jaycee reportedly requested for his parents not to visit, saying that “I will be responsible for my own matters and I don’t want to affect my father. I’m content knowing that my mom is alright (because) I know my dad can pull through this. I’ve grown up!”

The 60-year-old shared, “He’s been requesting a variety of books and asks for them every time (the lawyer visits). He’s never read so many books in his many years and the lawyer says that his words have matured a lot.”

Jackie was further heartened by news that Jaycee has taken to writing songs and scripts in his spare time, adding that he has seen the change in his son’s lifestyle. “He washes his own underwear and makes his own bed. He does everything himself, which is great! The lessons that he’s learning in there are the harshest anywhere and will definitely be unforgettable,” the actor mused.

Emphasising that he has never used his connections to save Jaycee, Jackie revealed that he rejected the lawyer’s advice to apply for Jaycee’s bail. “Because he’s Jackie Chan’s son; because he’s broken the country’s law – how would the public look at us if Jaycee Chan only went to jail for a week? We’re public figures and have an even greater responsibility to live within the law.”

Lin Feng-jiao, however, has not been taking well to her son’s arrest. “What makes me feel regretful is Jaycee’s mom. It’s always been her who has been looking after him because of my work. I’ve spent more time apart than together with him and she hasn’t left the house nor met with anyone for four and a half months. She blames herself for what happened,” Jackie confessed.

Calling himself a responsible but bad father, he professed that he “doesn’t feel heartbroken” over his son’s situation and instead chose to focus on the future.

Jackie concluded, “I hope he walks his own path when he’s released. I won’t give him any further pressure because I trust that he’s already learned his lesson and will become a stronger and better person than before. Which person doesn’t make mistakes when they’re young? I hope that the media, public and his fans can give him another chance to turn over a new leaf – this will be a big push in the right direction for him.”

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