Jackie Chan: Jaycee Chan’s arrest will make him grow

The Hong Kong superstar views his son’s arrest in a positive light as it will help him grow as a person

Jackie Chan

Having been arrested in China for consuming and possessing marijuana for nearly three months now, Jaycee Chan is still in remand. His father, Hong Kong superstar Jackie Chan, told reporters at an event promoting his latest movie Skiptrace that he “has not seen him” and does not know when the trial will start.

Sharing that he did not know of Jaycee’s drug use previously, Jackie revealed, “Even his mother [Lin Feng Jiao] was in the dark. I would have beaten him to death if I knew. But he is not an addict, he was just playful and naïve to think that nothing [bad] would happen to him.”

But the 60-year-old, who previously expressed hopes to be a good father from now on, firmly believes that the arrest will do his son good.

“I trust that a whole new Jaycee will emerge [from the detention centre], this may be a good thing as he will grow as a person.”

As to what he will say to the 32-year-old right after his release, Jackie has no idea yet and admitted to being “uneasy without seeing him around [for the past three months]”.

Meanwhile, there have been talks that Jaycee’s parts in his latest movies will be cut out but Jackie urges the public to take news report with a pinch of salt as those are just rumours.

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