Jacky Wu furious at Golden Bell Awards judges

Taiwan’s “king of variety” demands explanation, apology, or “we will have our ways of fighting back”

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Veteran host Jacky Wu has lashed out at the Golden Bell Awards on Facebook, with a post that has received close to half a million likes. 

While filming in Japan, he shared a photo of a handwritten message: “Insult me — fine! But insult the entire variety entertainment fraternity — no way!”

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After the 50th annual Golden Bell Awards nominees were announced on August 26, the judges criticised Taiwan variety programmes for being poor quality and many were riled by the unsavoury comments, Taiwan media reports.

Taiwan’s “king of variety” wrote that despite having been through 30 years of Golden Bell Awards, he has never complained whether he was nominated or won awards or not — until now.

He added that pioneers had slogged for more than 50 years to establish the Taiwan variety entertainment system and style, and to be so casually put down by a few comments from the Golden Bell Awards judges was unjust. He demanded an explanation and apology, if not “we will have our ways of fighting back.”

His posts received strong support from netizens, and even his daughter Sandy Wu commented early this morning on Facebook that though variety entertainers work hard to make audiences laugh, she can only think of how tired her father would look when he got home, adding, “You’ve no right to insult my father!”

Her post received tens of thousands of likes within an hour, with many netizens offering support for her heartfelt tribute.

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