Jacky Wu points fingers over exclusion from Jay Chou’s wedding

The Taiwanese television host says Jay Chou and his mother were influenced by others to leave him out of the guest list

Jacky Wu points fingers over exclusion from Jay Chou’s wedding

Renowned Taiwanese television host Jacky Wu said on Monday (Mar 16) that his disciple, Taiwanese singing wonder Jay Chou, and his mother are not masterminds of his exclusion from the list of guests invited to Jay’s wedding in Taipei last month.

Having launched Jay’s career as a singer in 2000, the 52-year-old openly expressed his displeasure for not being invited to the former’s wedding celebrations during the past month. Jacky initially joked about the issue but later implicitly criticised Jay for being ungrateful.

When asked on Monday to name a “mastermind” behind his non-invitation, Jacky snapped that it was Yang Jun Rong, his former business partner and CEO of music company Alfa Music, which Jacky had sold off in 2002 due to financial problems. He is now a music director at Jay’s self-established music company JVR Music.

The 52-year-old dodged the question on the probable reason for Jun Rong to incite unhappiness between both parties, but frankly replied, “All of you should know my character. You should understand the entire situation from the beginning till the end. Forget it, I don’t want to talk about this anymore. The more I divulge, the more I hurt those people.”

However, Jun Rong stepped out to deny Jacky’s allegations yesterday.
He stated, “The guest list of the celebrity is decided by his parents. As a professional manager, my responsibility is to keep my artistes under good care. Both Jay and I are grateful that Jacky gave us this opportunity to forge a strong bond with each other.”

Jay’s management company also countered Jacky’s comments earlier this month, responding that Jay had suggested including his mentor on the guest list but the final decision was made by Jay’s mother.

Netizens speculated that his mother had left Jacky out of the list as she was unhappy with his decision to sell off his company and its singers, including Jay, in 2002.

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