Jacky Wu refuses to reconcile with Jay Chou over dinner

The 52-year-old urges Jay Chou to ‘reflect on his actions’ and ‘learn the ways of the world’

Jacky Wu refuses to reconcile with Jay Chou over dinner

Veteran Taiwanese host Jacky Wu still refuses to reconcile with his disciple, pop singing wonder Jay Chou, after he was excluded from the list of guests invited to his wedding banquet in Taipei last month.

The 52-year-old had openly criticised Jay over the past month and even insinuated him to be an ungrateful disciple. Jay, on the other hand, has retaliated and denied Jacky’s claims through representatives at his music company JVR Music.

Seeing the relationship between the two turn sour, their common friends, who worked at Jacky’s music company Alfa Music before he sold it off due to financial problems, have hoped the two could settle their differences and put the matter to peace.

Veteran host and producer Jeffrey Hsu had reportedly initiated the gathering and invited the two to patch up their botched mentor-disciple relationship. He explained in an interview, “Kang Kang, Nono and I met each other at Liang He Qun’s wedding. Kang Kang suggested that Jacky and Jay should reconcile over a meal so he asked me to contact our old friends and book the venue.”

However, Jacky was said to have given the gathering a miss. He also retorted angrily in an interview on Sunday (Mar 29), “It is very common for celebrities to have such gatherings over a meal. (This gathering) is not related to the issue where I did not receive Jay’s wedding invitation.”

Speaking on Jay’s inability to attend the gathering as he was in Thailand for a honeymoon trip with Hannah, Jacky blasted, “He (Jay) wasn’t even invited to the dinner. I think he needs some time to reflect on what he has done and learn the ways of the world.”

When asked if he is willing to meet with Jay should another opportunity rise in future, Jacky gave an unfavourable reply.

“I have been very busy with the outdoor filming of my variety show lately and it is very taxing on me. It has always been Will Liu who spoke about the gathering; I have never talked about it,” he snapped.

Reporters also called to ask if Jay has plans to personally invite his mentor for a reconciliation meal, but the representatives at JVR Music replied: “We do not wish to comment on this issue anymore.” 

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