Janet Hsieh and George Young not legally married yet

The newlyweds are met with issues on where to register their marriage due to their multiple nationalities

Janet Hsieh and George Young not legally married yet
Making her first appearance after her unique wedding with Singapore-based actor-host George Young in Antarctica on Jan 27, Taiwanese-America host Janet Hsieh revealed yesterday that she and George are still not officially registered as a married couple due to their multiple nationalities.

At a promotional event for her first idol drama Aries yesterday, Janet admitted that the couple has yet to decide where to register their marriage as they have a complicated mix of nationalities involving countries like Taiwan, America and England.

The newlyweds would come to a decision once they have a better understanding of their respective legal systems.

The 35-year-old also spilled the beans on her wedding night, reiterating her experience while on a cruise during their wedding trip in Antarctica.

As it was a safety requirement to leave their cabin doors unlocked for emergency evacuation purposes, Janet was worried that guests would disrupt George and her wedding night. Fortunately, the newlyweds were spared from disturbance as their guests were completely drunk.

At the event yesterday, Janet celebrated with the cast and crew of Aries as the first episode of the show had earned a viewership of over a million viewers.

Taiwanese actress Denka Zhou, who plays the Janet’s sister in the series, gave the 35-year-old a lamb soft toy in hope that she would successfully become pregnant this year (the year of the lamb).

Janet kindly accepted the gift but reaffirmed her stand that she would let nature take its course as she and George would still be staying apart after marriage to focus on their career in Taiwan and Singapore respectively.

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