Jay Chou and Hannah Quinlivan visit Will Liu’s newborn baby

The recently wedded Jay Chou and Hannah Quinlivan visited Will Liu’s newborn daughter, Liu Yushan at the hospital on March 13

As godfather to Will Liu’s daughter, Jay Chou, who has been busy with wedding preparations for the past two months, took time out of his packed schedule to visit his best friend’s newborn at the hospital with his wife Hannah Quinlivan.

Will and his wife welcomed their third kid last Friday and the new parents took a group photo with Jay and Hannah during the couple’s visit to the hospital.

Yesterday, Will said in his Weibo post: “Jay and Hannah came running to see Vivi (Wang Wanfei, his wife’s nickname) and Shanshan (his daughter’s nickname). It was their first time holding a day-old baby. Jay was tense at first, but remembered that he needed to be gentle with her. I think he’s a natural!”

Will did not forget to mention Hannah, who practiced holding the child as if she were her own. “When Hannah held her, Shanshan would not stop staring at her. They just held each other’s’ gaze for the longest time! Shanshan really enjoyed being cradled in their arms.”

Adding on to Will’s “early baby training” photographs of Jay and Hannah, netizens urged the newly-weds to have a child of their own soon. 

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