Jay Chou catches NBA match with wife Hannah Quinlivan in America

The sweet celebrity couple went on a trip around America over the Lunar New Year break

Taiwanese pop singer Jay Chou and his model wife Hannah Quinlivan recently spent their New Year break in America.

Shortly after their lavish wedding ceremony in England last month and their Taipei wedding banquet earlier this month, the newlyweds went on their first trip officially as husband and wife.

According to Taiwanese media reports, the couple was spotted by fans while watching an NBA match together. Jay even graciously signed autographs for his fans.

Recently, in a photo that the couple’s fans had secretly taken of them and posted online, Jay was seen to be perching on his wife’s shoulders in a relaxed manner while Hannah sat upright and kept her eyes focused on the match.

On the same day, another netizen also posted a photo of Jay touring America. The 36-year-old looked exceedingly dashing with his hands tucked into his black leather jacket and a black beanie on his head.

Praises poured in for the couple after these photos surfaced. Netizens not only wished the newlyweds a happy marriage, but also expressed their wish to bump into the pair.

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