Jay Chou comments on Hannah Quinlivan’s “love letter” to Show Luo

The Mandopop megastar broke his silence on the issue for the first time

Hannah Quinlivan and Jay Chou
Mandopop megastar Jay Chou has broken his silence on recent reports about his wife Hannah Quinlivan’s “love letter” to Taiwanese singer Show Luo on a variety show back in 2008.

The incident resurfaced when Show brought it up while speaking to Chinese media lately. The singer was subsequently accused of riding on the hype of the couple’s marriage to stir news for himself, leading to a series of hostile exchanges between the good friends of both parties.

Last Friday, Jay’s buddy Xue Gao took to Weibo to slam Show for his “inappropriate behaviour as a brother”. In response, Show’s manager rebutted Xue Gao’s words on Instagram.

However, the couple’s mood did not seem to be affected as they were spotted enjoying a football match in London during their honeymoon, while the online war was going on.

Jay finally responded to the reports on Sunday night. He wrote: “Buddies, in this complicated Internet world, you will only get misunderstood for speaking up for me. You guys must have had a hard time. You don’t have to be too bothered by certain things, as long as we know [the truth]. But continuously voicing your opinions without asking me… I guess this is what brotherhood means [to you]!”

Show Luo and Hannah Quinlivan
Some netizens then suggested that the last sentence in Jay’s text is, in fact, an innuendo on Show’s antics. On the other hand, Show’s fans spoke up for their idol who has also previously caused conflict due to his straightforwardness.

Meanwhile, Hannah displayed her high EQ (emotional intelligence) with a Facebook post. “I’m happy with the effects on the programme. Just have a good laugh,” she commented. 

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