Jay Chou holds third wedding ceremony at Hannah Quinlivan’s hometown

The couple celebrated their marriage with Hannah Quinlivan’s friends and family at a cosy luncheon

Photos of Taiwanese artiste Jay Chou and wife Hannah Quinlivan’s third wedding ceremony recently surfaced online.

After holding their lavish matrimonial ceremony in Selby Abbey in January and an outdoor wedding banquet in Taipei last month, the couple returned to Hannah’s hometown in Brisbane to celebrate their marriage.

The ceremony took place over an outdoor luncheon and was planned specially for Hannah’s extended family. Hannah’s grandparents, who are both over the age of 80 years old, were delighted as they were unable to attend their previous ceremonies due to their immobility.

In the photos, Jay and Hannah posed with the scenic backdrop of white clouds and an open sea. Sported in a sky blue suit and party dress, the couple had a stress-free celebrations with their loved ones.

When Taiwanese veteran television host Jacky Wu knew of Jay’s latest wedding ceremony at an event yesterday, he expressed his dissatisfaction towards his former disciple.

The 52-year-old, who had brought Jay under his wings and launched his singing career in 2000, criticized Jay for leaving him out of the guest list for his wedding banquet in Taipei while inviting other veteran hosts like Chang Fei and Chang Hsiao-yen.

Jacky candidly admitted that he sent a Facebook message to Jay regarding this issue a few weeks ago. However, he did not wish to reveal the contents of the message as he ‘thought through and felt that it may cause a serious issue’.

When bugged by reporters on what he had written, Jacky said gingerly, “What has happened to this child? At his age, he should be finding the opportunity to meet with people who has once helped him.”

“I can’t believe that he did not invite the person who has helped him the most to his wedding. When he is older, I am sure he would also think about this matter,” he quipped.

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