Jay Chou ignores his mother for wife Hannah Quinlivan?

Netizens say the 36-year-old singer is biased for neglecting his mother on his wedding day

Dubbed as one of the most filial sons in the Taiwanese entertainment industry, Jay Chou was recently reproached by netizens for ‘neglecting’ his mother and ‘showing bias’ towards his wife Hannah Quinlivan on their wedding day.

Close to a month after the newlywed’s fairy-tale wedding in England, fans are still reminiscing about the couple’s big day. Yesterday, one of Hannah’s fan clubs shared an unreleased photo of the couple and Jay’s mother backstage at their wedding.

While netizens poured out their envy for the sweet family, some of them also spotted that Jay had his back turned against his mother and jokingly commented, “Seems like he has forgotten about his mum now that he has a wife. Just look at which direction he is facing!”

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