Jay Chou wears a king’s underwear: Hannah Quinlivan

Hannah Quinlivan was grilled about her husband-to-be on a recent TV show

Dee Hsu, Hannah Quinlivan and Kevin Tsai
In a recent episode of Taiwanese talk show Here Comes Kangxi, actress-model Hannah Quinlivan was grilled by host Dee Hsu about her husband-to-be Jay Chou.

After Jay’s unprecedented revelation about his love life on Nov 16, Hannah attended the programme recording of Here Comes Kangxi with her junior labelmates Breeze last week.
When asked if Jay gave her any advice before coming on the show, the 21-year-old shyly replied: “[He said] don’t be nervous.”

Due to Dee’s shrewd interview skills, Hannah let on that Jay’s nickname for her is “little silly”. Although the multi-hyphenate is known for his preference of “not wearing underwear”, Dee further inquired about intimate details such as Jay’s favourite [brand of] boxers.

“[He wears] a king’s underwear,” Hannah laughed in reply.

When the sharp-tongued host continued to probe about the couple’s first kiss, Hannah hesitated before commenting that “she does not remember”, which was met with an agitated response from Dee who shouted “Bulls**t”.

With regards to wedding details, the defenseless Hannah suggested Jay to be the one answering these queries instead. At this point, Dee’s co-host Kevin Tsai, who reportedly received a phone call from Jay prior to the recording, finally stepped forward to wrap up the interview.

“Okay, we won’t let Jay off when he comes here,” he said.

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