Jaycee Chan may spend Lunar New Year in prison

Sources suggest that it is unlikely that he will be spared a minimum of two years in jail

Jaycee Chan may spend Lunar New Year in prison

Actors Kai Ko and Jaycee Chan hogged the headlines back in August when they were busted for marijuana abuse in Beijing. Since then, Kai has made his first public appearance after his prosecution was delayed for two years while Jaycee is understood to still be detained in Beijing.

Latest reports have confirmed that Chinese courts have officially charged Jaycee for “the crime of sheltering others to take drugs” and that his sentencing could see him spend the Lunar New Year behind bars.

According to a senior Chinese lawyer, the chances of Jaycee being able to be granted probation instead of a jail term are close to zero. He explained that there has been no news or hint of a possible probation since he was arrested more than four months ago.

He continued that Chinese entertainers, who are considered public figures, have been increasingly abusing drugs and that Jaycee’s status as an affluent second-generation son of well-loved superstar Jackie Chan causes his actions to have a greater impact on society.

As such, the public scrutiny on this case will likely result in Jaycee being sentenced to two and a half years in prison in order for the general masses to be convinced of the government’s efforts to enforce their anti-drug laws.

Jaycee’s manager expressed that he only found out about Jaycee “being formally charged” through the media and confirmed that the entertainer has not made contact with his lawyer or father.

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