Jaycee Chan reunites with mother Lin Feng-jiao after prison release

The 32-year-old would reportedly reside in Taiwan for a longer period to accompany his mother and plan for his future

Hong Kong singer-actor Jaycee Chan has recently met up with his mother Lin Feng-jiao upon his release from jail. The two reportedly broke down in tears when they saw each other after being separated for half a year.

The 32-year-old was released last Friday (Feb 13) at midnight after serving his six-month jail term for illegal possession and abuse of marijuana. He also swiftly held a public apology the next day.

According to Hong Kong media, Jaycee left Beijing in secret immediately after his public apology and reportedly flew over to Taiwan to meet up with his mother Lin Feng-jiao.

On Feb 15, Jaycee’s manager confirmed that the mother and son have met up but declined to disclose their current location. He simply stated, “It is true that he is by his mother’s side at the moment.”

Sources also claimed that the two embraced each other when they met and could not regain their speech after crying for a long time. Jaycee wailed in his mother’s arms as he was ashamed for breaking his mother’s heart while Feng-jiao shed tears of joy as Jaycee has finally returned home.

As Jaycee’s father, Jackie Chan, is currently tied down with promotional activities for his latest action film Dragon Blade, it remains unclear if he will usher in the Lunar New Year with his wife and son in Taiwan. The earliest he would be able to do so is on the second day of Lunar New Year (Feb 20).

Jaycee was also revealed to have apologised to his work partners, friends and family over numerous phone calls. Not only did he admit his mistake, he also sought for their forgiveness and vouched to be a better person so that he would not disappoint or make others worry about him in future.

The 32-year-old is said to be residing in Taiwan for a longer period this time to accompany his mother and plan for his future.

In addition, Jaycee’s manager denied recent rumours that Jackie and Feng-jiao have helped to plan Jaycee’s future career path.

As to when Jaycee would resume his work, his manager replied, “We wish for him to spend some time with his family for now. We would discuss about work again after the Lunar New Year period.”

Jaycee’s last film project, The Monk, faced a delay in its release date due to his drug scandal and his manager stated that the film’s director Chen Kaige has not made any arrangements on the movie’s new release date.

“We have not received any news (about the film) but we would do our best to assist in whatever arrangements the director has (for the film).”

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