Jaycee Chan to hold public apology tomorrow

The 32-year-old was belatedly revealed to have been released from prison in the wee hours of the morning

Jaycee Chan was belatedly revealed to have been released from prison in the wee hours of the morning today (Feb 13). The 32-year-old was arrested in August last year on drug-related charges alongside Kai Ko and was sentenced to six months in prison by a Beijing court on January 9.

The court had then taken into consideration that he surrendered to police and complied with all investigations during his sentencing. Jaycee had then admitted his wrongdoing, declaring, “I broke the law and should be punished. I will definitely not do it again once I return to society.”

Jaycee was originally said to be set for release in the early hours tomorrow, but sudden news of his release broke early this morning. Members of the media then rushed to the detention facility but only saw a convoy of eight police car escorting a civilian vehicle. They were unable to confirm the identity of the person in the car due to the tight security.

His manager then belatedly issued a statement that Jaycee had indeed left the facility at 12.40am today, adding that the entertainer will follow in Kai’s footsteps and hold a public apology session tomorrow.

Meanwhile, his father, Jackie, has been busy promoting his upcoming movie Dragon Blade along with the rest of the cast, which is currently in Bangkok. On his son’s release, he admitted to feeling relieved but quipped that “the little b******” should have “been in there for longer (so that) he can read more books”.

Continuing, Jackie added that he feels that as an adult, Jaycee should take responsibility for his actions and hopes that this can provide an opportunity for his son to grow. “I don’t wish to speak up for him at all; you should ask him directly if you have any questions,” he chuckled. Jackie will not be attending Jaycee’s public apology tomorrow.

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