JJ Lin punched by man during autograph session

The attacker is said to be a member of an underground band who thinks that he can sing better than JJ Lin 

At an autograph session for his latest album Genesis in Ximending, Taipei yesterday, local singer JJ Lin was attacked by a 1.9-metre tall man who is believed to be in his 30s.

According to eye-witnesses, the man disguised himself a fan and threw a punch at JJ when he went on stage. Dumbstruck by the sudden attack, JJ laid his head on the table, covering the part where he was hit.

Although the culprit attempted to flee the scene, he was subdued by the crew and was immediately handed over to the police for investigation.

The autograph session was stopped for an hour, when JJ was sent to the hospital to examine his injury. Fortunately, the singer did not suffer from any bleeding, though he complained that his head was hurting.

“There is a slight bruise on my ear. It’s a little swollen, but it’s nothing serious. I don’t know the person who hit me,” JJ said.

As similar incidents have also happened to artistes from Warner Music in the past, some netizens suspected that the record company had staged the attack as a promotional device.

However, the police later identified the 32-year-old perpetrator as Chen Yan Heng, a member of an underground hip hop group called “United Music” who claimed to be a better singer than JJ. The man is allegedly so hungry for fame that he aimed to “make a name for himself” via this planned attack.

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