Jolin Tsai collaborates with Carina Lau for MV

The Mandopop singer turns into a fan girl on the set of her music video shoot

蔡依林MV邀刘嘉玲演出 变小粉丝尬戏飙泪2.jpg

Taiwanese diva Jolin Tsai had the opportunity to collaborate with her idol, Hong Kong actress Carina Lau, for the music video of ‘Di San Ren Cheng,’ the third hit song of her latest album Play.

Jolin, who directed and acted in the MV, had high expectations of herself for the emotional scenes and asked intermittently, “Do I look strong enough? Should I ask him to stay?”

Working with Carina gave Jolin the goosebumps and she could feel the 49-year-old’s strong presence. She explained, “The feeling is like how I am being charmed by a good actor. It was an epic learning experience. Carina’s gaze is able to pierce through my soul and thoughts.”

Although the two had few scenes together, the singer turned into a fan and observed her every move. Jolin admitted she has much to learn from Carina’s femininity and grace. The 34-year-old also shed tears of joy after hearing the veteran praise her performance for the MV.

Additionally, Carina confirmed that she will not be releasing anymore music albums since her last one in 2001 and even suggested for Jolin to musical projects to flaunt her acting skills.

No more stunts for Jolin Tsai

蔡依林MV邀刘嘉玲演出 变小粉丝尬戏飙泪4.jpg

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