Jolin Tsai has complete trust in Vivian Dawson

Vivian Dawson was accused of inviting women for sleepovers, which he denied

Jolin Tsai has complete trust in Vivian Dawson

Taiwanese singer Jolin Tsai and boyfriend Vivian Dawson have been in a stable relationship for four years and their relationship is still going strong in the midst of reports which stated that Vivian had sleepover sessions with members of the opposite sex.

A female netizen told the media that she received his “invitation” but Vivian clarified at an event yesterday that he “did not know who she is or what she wants”. He added, “I feel baffled, and you all should know this is not real.”

Not the first time to be embroiled in such rumours, the 28-year-old did not see the need to explain to Jolin as “she will know it’s not real”. Vivian shared he was able to clear his name every single time and is already used to it.

True to his words, Jolin emphasised at a recent mobile phone launch event that she trusts him completely and does not spot check his mobile phone.

Vivian takes gossips accusing him of being “flirty” in his stride and stressed that he is “a good man”. Although the actor-model admits to clubbing with friends, he knows his limits and “has never been tempted before”.

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