Jolin Tsai is open to pregnancy before marriage

The Taiwanese diva thinks that it is not a must to get married before having kids  

Jolin Tsai is open to pregnancy before marriage
At an event yesterday, Taiwanese singer Jolin Tsai responded to reports on her alleged troubled relationship with actor-model boyfriend Vivian Dawson. The 34-year-old also shared her thoughts on marriage and having kids.

On Tuesday, Jolin posted an article titled “Women should not get married before 30” on Facebook. An excerpt of the story read: “Don’t let someone else decide your life and fate. Build an independent and wholesome lifestyle, form your own opinions and discover your interests. Don’t give up on these for your boyfriend.”

Subsequently, netizens speculated that there might be problems in Jolin and Vivian’s relationship which led to her post.

While speaking to the media, Jolin clarified that she purely shared the same sentiments as the author of the article that women should be independent and should not change themselves to please anyone. The singer also insisted that the words are not a reflection of her current romance.

In addition, Jolin said that it is “not a must” to get married before having kids. “I’m more concerned about being happy with and being on the same frequency as my other half in a relationship,” she added. 

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