Jolin Tsai spends Chinese New Year without Vivian Dawson

The 34-year-old went on a vacation in Hawaii with her friends instead

Jolin Tsai spends Chinese New Year without Vivian Dawson

Taiwanese dancing diva Jolin Tsai recently went on a vacation to Hawaii over the Chinese New Year break. As the singer was busy with promotional activities of her latest album released last year, she only found time off her busy schedule recently.

Not only did she invite her six-member crew on an all-expenses-paid trip thank them for their hard work, Jolin’s close celebrity friend Terri Kwan and her husband also tagged on the five-day-four-night tour. She is said to have spent close to NT$1 million (approximately S$42, 000) for her trip.

While Jolin enjoyed her time off with friends, rumoured boyfriend Vivian Dawson was nowhere in sight. Instead, the couple was involved in their own activities for the Chinese New Year break.

The 34-year-old had reportedly hoped to bask under the sun in her bikini but could only walk along the shore as it was cloudy and the seawater was too chilly.

Though Jolin said it was ‘truly a pity’, she expressed her wishes to visit the place again to soak in the sunlight and listen to the sound of crashing waves.

Jolin Tsai spends Chinese New Year without Vivian Dawson

On the other hand, Taiwanese actress Terri Kwan, who is currently pregnant for five months, has been praised for being a fashionable mother-to-be from the photos she had uploaded on her Weibo during the trip.

The actress placed immense effort in styling herself daily, flaunting her wide range of branded bags and ensuring that she did not repeat outfits.

Despite being in her second trimester, Terri appeared slim in her photos, seemingly not putting on any weight.

Yet, the actress felt otherwise as she left a photo caption that read, “My waist is has increased so much and I’ve put on so much weigh everywhere. My arms have also became thicker and my feet are badly swollen.”

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